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Provisional SRA

In certain cases the NCBI SRA has published datasets from submitters on a "provisional" basis, having a SRA accession but with files distributed in their native, original format. This may be done in order to accomodate a dataset from a new platform. Over time, provisional datasets will become fully archived.

If you cannot find the dataset of interest in Entrez SRA, please check Provisional SRA browser to see if you can locate it here. When the dataset has been fully loaded into the Archive, then it will no longer appear in the Provisional SRA browser.

Accession Title Center Platform Published
SRA000210 download Comparison between two inbred soybean cyst nematode biotypes UIUC 454 GS 20 2008-10-24
SRA008092 download Human Genome Sequencing Using Unchained Base Reads on Self-assembling DNA Nanoarrays Complete Genomics COMPLETE_GENOMICS 2009-02-06
SRA009216 download Single Molecule Sequencing of an Individual Human Genome SUDB-QL HELICOS 2009-08-09
SRA012097 download The mutation spectrum revealed by paired genome sequences from a lung cancer patient Genentech Inc. COMPLETE_GENOMICS 2010-05-26
SRA026766 download Origin of the Haitian Cholera Outbreak Strain Pacific Biosciences PACBIO_SMRT 2010-12-10
SRA045736 download Performance comparison of whole-genome sequencing platforms. Stanford University COMPLETE_GENOMICS and Illumina 2011-12-19
SRA054030 download bps mutations and short indels found in Escherichia coli PFM2 Wild-type MA Indiana University unspecified 2012-06-14
SRA054031 download bps mutations and short indels found in Escherichia coli PFM2 MutL- MA Indiana University unspecified 2012-09-20
SRA159626 download Comprehensive Analysis of RNA-Protein Interactions by High Throughput Sequencing-RNA Affinity Profiling Cornell University Illumina 2014-04-25
SRA188485 download Francisella sp. FSC1006 Genome sequencing Swedish Defence Research Agency OXFORD_NANOPORE 2014-10-02
SRA234558 download SRP050364 - Invariant Vg4+ germline-rearranged Vd5Dd2Jd1 chains are genuine innate IL-17-producing lymphocytes. Mediznische Hochschule Hannoer 454 GS FLX Titanium 2015-03-11
SRA246027 download ONT sequecing of yeast W303 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory OXFORD_NANOPORE 2015-03-09
SRA276633 download Rapid antibiotic resistance predictions from genome sequence data for S. aureus and M. tuberculosis University of Oxford, UK OXFORD_NANOPORE 2015-08-03
SRA661973 download unspecified GEO unspecified 2018-02-26
SRA873874 download unspecified GEO unspecified 2019-04-16