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Comparison of several small RNA sequencing methods

Identifiers: SRA: SRP199350
BioProject: PRJNA498326
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Abstract: The goals of this study were to evaluate and compare miRNA and other small RNA quantifications from several small RNA sequencing library preparation methods, including the Clontech (now owned by Takara Bio) SMARTer smRNA-seq kit for Illumina, the Bioo Scientific NEXTflex (now owned by Perkin Elmer and called NEXTFLEX) Illumina small RNA sequencing kit v3, the Illumina TruSeq small RNA library prep kit, and the New England BioLabs NEXT multiplex small RNA kit. For each method, we sequenced small RNA libraries using several technical replicates of a variety of starting total RNA inputs of the same homogenate human brain sample purchased from Ambion and derived from a 74 year-old Caucasian female. In addition, we evaluated quantifications of 962 synthetic miRNAs within an equimolar pool (the Miltenyi Biotec miRXplore Universal Reference) using each of the tested methods.

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