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RNA sequencing of leaf tissues from two contrasting chickpea genotypes reveals mechanisms for drought tolerance

Identifiers: SRA: SRP119439
BioProject: PRJNA413294
GEO: GSE104609
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: In this study, the leaf tissue from shoots apical meristem stage of drought tolerant (ICC8261) and drought sensitive (ICC283) genotypes were analyzed using RNA sequencing to identify genes/pathways associated with drought tolerance/sensitivity in the both genotypes. It was observed that genes related to ethylene response, MYB-related protein, xyloglucan endotransglycosylase, alkane hydroxylase MAH-like, BON-1 associated, peroxidase 3, cysteine rich and transmembrane domain, vignain and mitochondrial uncoupling were specifically up-regulated in the tolerant genotype whereas, same genes were down-regulated in sensitive genotype. Overall design: In our present study, RNA sequencing was employed to identify drought-responsive genes in chickpea leaf tissue of two genotypes ICC8261 and ICC283 to identify biological, cellular and molecular pathways related to drought tolerance under drought stress. The significant difference observed between the two genotypes in shoot apical meristem leaves indicates how drought stresses affect the different mechanisms in both genotypes. In this study the emphasis was on how the regulation of transcription factors and phytohormone signalling transcripts were influenced by drought stress in the two genotypes

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