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Genome-wide screening and characterization of long non-coding RNAs involved in flowering development of citrus (Poncirus trifoliata L. Raf.) by RNA sequencing

Identifiers: SRA: SRP078565
BioProject: PRJNA329194
GEO: GSE84443
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: To investigate the role of lncRNAs in citrus flowering, paired-end strand-specific RNA sequencing was performed between precocious trifoliate orange and its wild-type. Total 6,584 potential lncRNAs were identified, 51.6% of which came from intergenic regions. It was also observed that 555 lncRNAs were significantly up-regulated, and 276 lncRNAs were down-regulated in precocious trifoliate orange, indicating that lncRNAs could be involved in the regulation of citrus flowering. Overall design: Two samples, the terminal bud and the five following buds (the major node position for flower formation) from spring flushes of the MT and the WT 2-year-old trees were collected at flower initiation (after self-pruning). And then subjected to RNA-seq.
Center Project: GSE84443
External Link: /pubmed:28233798

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