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The identification of known and novel microRNAs and their targets in peach (Prunus persica) fruit by high-throughput sequencing

Identifiers: SRA: SRP076272
BioProject: PRJNA324775
GEO: GSE83110
Study Type: 
Abstract: In this study we performed a comprehensive analysis of miRNAs and their targets from peach fruit tissue using high-throughput sequencing combined with bioinformatics analysis and molecular experiments. A total of 557 known miRNAs and 275 putative novel miRNAs were predicted. 3959 and 1614 target genes for the 349 known and 193 novel miRNAs, respectively, were predicted where a single target gene could be targeted by different miRNAs, and a single miRNA can also have a large number of target genes. Proteins predicted to be targeted by the miRNAs in this study encompass a wide range of transcription factors and are involved in biological processes and pathways ranging from development, metabolism, and stress responses to signal transduction. Thirty conserved miRNAs and 27 novel miRNAs exhibited differential expression profiles in three tissues of peach, with expression patterns of some miRNAs appearing to be tissue or developmental-stage specific. A total of 115 and 101 target genes were identified to be cleaved by 61 known miRNAs and 27 novel miRNAs through degradome sequencing, respectively. These miRNAs induce cleavage of their targets precisely at the position between nucleotides 10 and 11 of the miRNA sequence from 5’ to 3’ end. The findings of this study provide an important basis for the analysis of miRNAs, their targets and the functions of these targets in peach fruit. Overall design: Equal amounts of total RNA from fruits at each of the different growing stages (35, 55, 75, 90, 105 days after full bloom) were mixed and deep sequenced, one repeat, using the Illumina Solexa platform
Center Project: GSE83110
External Link: /pubmed:27466805

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