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Intrinsic age-dependent changes and cell-cell contacts regulate nephron progenitor lifespan

Identifiers: SRA: SRP055425
BioProject: PRJNA276103
GEO: GSE66202
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: Purpose: To use single-cell RNA-Seq analysis of nephron progenitors in order to determine transcrptional differences as nephron progenitors age. Methods: Using a combination of FACS sorting and a Fluidigm Single-cell auto-prep system, we generated high-throughput RNA-SEQ data of nephron progenitors during development Results: Single cells transcriptome profiling of nephron progenitors revealed progressive age-dependent changes with heterogeneity increasing in older populations. Overall design: 96-single cell transcriptomes were determined from nephron progenitors of e14.5, e18.5 and P0 using Cited1GFP transgenic animals
Center Project: GSE66202
External Link: /pubmed:26460946

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