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Genome-wide transcriptome profiles in pluripotent mouse Embryonic Stem Cells and during Retinoic Acid-induced differentiation

Identifiers: SRA: SRP053290
BioProject: PRJNA274740
GEO: GSE65697
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: We report the genome-wide RNA expression levels in pluripotent mESC and as mESC differentiate towards a neuronal lineage in response to high levels of Retinoic Acid treatment in vitro. RNA-seq was performed to identify all RNAs expressed in both ESCs and neuronal cells. In total, In total, 14,443 expressed genes were detected, of which 1,834 were up-regulated and 1,477 down-regulated (fold change (FC) > -/+2.0 and p-value < 0.035) during RA-induced neuronal differentiation. The top down-regulated genes included members of the pluripotency core transcriptional network, including Klf4, Sox2, Oct4, Nanog, Suz12, Esrrb, Stat3 and Tcfcp2l1. The top up-regulated genes are important for neuronal differentiation (e.g. Pax3, Irx3, Rest and Foxd3) and reside in the RA-pathway (e.g. various homeobox genes), the retinoic acid receptors and the RA-degradation enzyme Cyp26a1. Overall design: Examination, identification and comparision of mRNA expression profliles in two cellular states.
Center Project: GSE65697

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