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Bioinformatics approaches for viral metagenomics in plants using short RNAs : model case of study and application to a Cicer arietinum population

Identifiers: SRA: SRP049984
BioProject: PRJNA267652
GEO: GSE63378
Study Type: 
Abstract: Size fractionated small RNA from total RNA extracts of Cicer arietinum leaves and from Nicotiana benthamiana infected by Cymbidium ringspot virus were mixed in a ratio of 1000 to 1 in amount, respectively. The RNA was ligated to adapters, purified again and reverse transcribed. After PCR amplification the sample was subjected to Illumina high throughput pyrosequencing. The kit used is TrueSeq Small RNA kit Please see for details of the sequencing technology. Overall design: Short RNA fractionation and characterization
Center Project: Cicer arietinum
External Link: /pubmed:25674078

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