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Identification and characterization of wilt and salt stress-responsive microRNAs from chickpea by high-throughput sequencing.

Identifiers: SRA: SRP042145
BioProject: PRJNA248275
GEO: GSE57857
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: Purpose: To identify Fusarium wilt and salt-responsive miRNAs at genome wide level in Chickpea. Results: A total of 12,135,571 unique reads were obtained. In addition to 122 conserved miRNAs belonging to 25 different families, 59 novel miRNAs along with their star sequences were identified. Four legume specific miRNAs, miR5213, miR5232, miR2111 and miR2118 were found in all the libraries. The Poly (A) tailing assay based qRT-PCR was used to validate eleven conserved and five novel miRNAs. miR530 was highly up regulated in response to fungal infection and targets zinc knuckle and microtubule-associated proteins. Many miRNAs responded in a similar fashion under both biotic and abiotic stresses indicating a cross talk between the pathways involved in regulating these stresses. The potential target genes for the conserved and novel miRNAs were predicted based on sequence homology. miR166 targets a HD-ZIPIII transcription factor and was validated by 5’ RLM-RACE. Conclusions: The present study has led to identification of several conserved and novel miRNAs in chickpea associated with gene regulation in reference to wilt and salt stress conditions. This study will help in better understanding of how chickpea functions in response to stresses. Overall design: Total three small RNA libraries from chickpea were prepared and sequenced independently [Control (C), Wilt stress (WS), Salt stress (SS)] on Illumina GAIIx.
Center Project: GSE57857
External Link: /pubmed:25295754

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