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Pisum sativum Transcriptome or Gene expression

Identifiers: SRA: SRP006313
BioProject: PRJNA80025
University of Münster: GS 20/FLX Pisum sativum
Study Type: 
Abstract: RNA was extracted from various leaf tissues of multiple individuals of the garden pea, Pisum sativum, including cotyledons (COT), epicotyl (EPI), flowers (FLO), hypocotyl (HYP), leaf (LVN.1, LVN.2, LVN.3, LVN.4, LVN.5, LVR.1) and from seedling grown under normal light (L) or etiolated (E) conditions. RNA was reverse transcribed enriching for full length transcripts and all libraries except leaf library LVR.1 were normalized by cDNA normalization. Libraries LVN.1, LVN.2, LVN.3, LVN.4, FLO and HYP were each sequenced one 454 plate with the GS 20 and libraries COT, EPI, LVN.5, E and L with the GS FLX Standard, libs E and L on half a plate each.
Center Project: Pisum sativum
External Link: /pubmed:21569327

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