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Denisova Genome Project

Identifiers: SRA: ERP000318
BioProject: PRJEB2263
MPI-EVA: Denisova Genome Project
Study Type: 
Whole Genome Sequencing
Submission: ERA012007
Abstract: Using DNA extracted from a finger bone found in Denisova Cave in southern Siberia, we have sequenced the genome of an archaic hominin to about 1.9-fold genomic coverage. This individual is from a population that shares a common origin with Neandertals but has a distinct history. This population contributed genes to Melanesians and may itself have received genes from another more archaic hominin group. We also describe a molar tooth found in the Denisova cave. This tooth shares no derived morphological features with molars of Neandertals or modern humans. The mitochondrial genome from this tooth is highly similar to that of the finger bone. We designate the group of hominins to which these individuals belonged Denisovans and suggest that they may have been widespread in Asia during the late Pleistocene
Center Project: Denisova Genome Project
External Links: ENA-CITATION

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