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Satsuma mandarin BAC sequencing

Identifiers: SRA: DRP003281
BioProject: PRJDB5081
NIFTS: DRP003281
Study Type: 
Abstract: This study intended to reveal a genome sequence of Satsuma mandarin (Citrus unshiu Marc.) . The goal of the project is sequencing BAC clones that were selected by DNA markers that linked to trait of interest. Satsuma mandarin is the major citrus variety in Japan, and also occupied a significant position in the world citrus industry. It had also been used as a breeding parent in NIFTS, and produced more than 30 citrus varieties. Developping DNA markers and high density genetic map are anticipated to develop DNA markers that linked to important agronomical traits. However, many citrus varieties are highly heterozygous and show suppress of recombination for the considerable portion of their chromosomes, and these obstacles were difficult to be avoided by the classical approach consequently. The obtained genome sequences would be useful to develop high precision DNA markers (SSR, SNP or indel) according to the genome sequence of Satsuma mandarin, and genome sequence itself will identify the gene of interest.
Center Project: Citrus unshiu strain:Miyagawa wase
External Link: /pubmed:27902727

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