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What can the filter be applied to?
  • Sequence substring: one of the biological reads for a spot should contain the substring
    String length limited to 29 characters in 4NA alphabet (includes IUPAC substitution codes) or 61 characters in 2NA alphabet (ACGT only). Search is case insensitive and strings may be combined with boolean operators & | ! (AND, OR, NOT)
    See "SRA nucleotide search expressions" for more details.
    Maximum size of Run to be search is 1.1G
  • Name of a spot you are looking for.
    Example: EXWA4RL02G9Z6H
  • Name of sample pool member, or "all" for all members.
    Example: M12_V2 will return all spots assigned to the sample pool member M12_V2 for experiment SRX014738.

Please note that the filter searches across read boundaries within each spot. Thus, pattern matches within technical reads and across paired-end data boundaries will also be returned.

Download Format

Accession # of bases # of spots Experiment
total filtered
SRR058743 35.1M 70.0k SRX022092
SRR058744 260.2M 547.9k SRX022092
SRR058745 260.4M 528.8k SRX022091
SRR058746 41.7M 79.6k SRX022091
SRR059311 64.3M 80.4k SRX022090
SRR059312 116.5M 236.5k SRX022090
SRR059313 250.2M 482.7k SRX022090
SRR059314 99.6M 196.0k SRX022090
SRR059307 298.0M 594.8k SRX022059
SRR059308 119.7M 244.8k SRX022059
SRR059309 61.1M 81.0k SRX022059
SRR059310 116.1M 232.5k SRX022059
SRR059303 254.9M 521.1k SRX022058
SRR059304 91.2M 186.6k SRX022058
SRR059305 58.7M 76.4k SRX022058
SRR059306 117.3M 238.7k SRX022058
SRR058750 275.1M 531.0k SRX022057
SRR058751 50.7M 63.4k SRX022057
SRR058752 101.6M 204.6k SRX022057
SRR058753 90.7M 179.6k SRX022057
SRR058749 179.5M 394.0k SRX022056
SRR057413 692.6M 1.2M SRX021910
SRR057415 693.4M 1.2M SRX021910
SRR057418 805.9M 1.2M SRX021910
SRR057419 499.4M 874.8k SRX021910
SRR057421 581.0M 1.0M SRX021910
SRR057423 275.5M 471.7k SRX021910
SRR057424 550.9M 963.1k SRX021910
SRR057426 610.2M 1.1M SRX021910
SRR057427 502.5M 842.4k SRX021910
SRR057430 685.1M 1.2M SRX021910
SRR057431 341.9M 595.9k SRX021910
SRR057432 57.1M 99.9k SRX021910
SRR057433 649.0M 1.1M SRX021910
SRR057435 462.6M 782.6k SRX021910
SRR057437 516.5M 707.2k SRX021910
SRR057439 603.9M 1.1M SRX021910
SRR057442 550.9M 964.6k SRX021910
SRR057444 569.6M 989.1k SRX021910
SRR057446 279.1M 489.0k SRX021910
SRR059301 324.8M 556.5k SRX021910
SRR058742 273.3M 591.9k SRX022552
SRR058747 215.0M 446.5k SRX022552
SRR060010 31.7M 117.6k SRX023382
SRR060009 46.1M 174.7k SRX023381
SRR060008 1.6M 14.1k SRX023380

This list contains some Runs which are too big (>1.1G) for searching by sequence substring.