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Tool: vdb-config

vdb-config [options] [<query>]
Frequently Used Options:
-a | --all print all information [default]
-p | --cfg print current configuration
-f | --files print user configuration files in use
-e | --env print shell variables
-m | --modules print external modules
-s | --set <name=value> set configuration node value
--import <ngc-file> import ngc file
-o | --output <x | n> output type: one of (x n), where 'x' is xml (default), 'n' is native
--proxy <uri[:port]> set HTTP proxy server configuration
--proxy-disable <yes | no> enable/disable using HTTP proxy
--root enforce configuration update while being run by superuser
-h | --help Output brief explanation for the program
-V | --version Display the version of the program then quit
--option-file <file> Read more options and parameters from the file
Use examples:
vdb-config -i
Runs the configuration tool in interactive mode. Usage instructions with pictures are available on the SRA Toolkit Installation and Configuration Guide. VT* and Xterm terminal emulations are both supported. It is strongly recommended to enable color in the terminal. Users having display problems with the interactive tool are recommended to exit interactive mode by pressing the ESC key twice and use the command line or textual modes for configuration.
vdb-config --interactive-mode textual
Runs the configuration tool in textual mode. Common configuration commands are selected using the keyboard in this mode.
vdb-config --import prj_1234.ngc
Imports a dbGaP repository key (prj_1234.ngc) by command line.
vdb-config --set repository/user/main/public/root=/path/to/new/location
Moves the user repository storing reference sequence files to a different location.