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# Accession ⇑ Title Project Center
1. DRP003581 download Molecular epidemiology of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in Asia 381747 OSAKA_RIMD
2. DRP003849 download Serotyping Dengue virus using an isothermal amplification and a portable sequencer 413147 UT-MGS
3. DRP003883 download Identification of potential regulatory mutations by multi-omics analysis and haplotyping of lung adenocarcinoma cell lines 419335 UT-MGS
4. DRP004010 download Detection of GES-5-producing multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Japan 431742 JUNTENDO
5. DRP004390 download Characterization of microbiome of various oral niches in patients with periodontitis 485282 KYUSHU
6. DRP004391 download Characterization of tongue microbiota in nursing home residents 485283 KYUSHU
7. DRP004393 download Characterization of salivary microbiota of healthy adults 485284 KYUSHU
8. DRP004403 download Study on the pathophysiology of diarrheal disease 485287 TUM-MID
9. DRP004406 download A project of associating bacterial WGS and AST data 475057 TUM-MID
10. DRP004433 download Global transcriptional differences between a deprivation- resistant RCC and a deprivation-sensitive RCC 488564 SUMS
11. DRP004441 download smRNA-seq analysis of RPTEC under hypoxic condition with Dznep. 488942 UT-H
12. DRP004442 download RNA-seq analysis of RPTEC under hypoxic condition with Dznep. 488940 UT-H
13. DRP004443 download Aspergillus fumigatus Afs35 488943 CHIBA_U
14. DRP004444 download smRNA-seq analysis of HK2 under hypoxic condition with Dznep. 488941 UT-H
15. DRP004445 download RNA-seq analysis of HK2 under hypoxic condition with Dznep. 488939 UT-H
16. DRP004449 download Skin microbiome by different collection methods 489620 KANAZAWA
17. DRP004457 download Human LATRAP 489996 TIT-BB
18. DRP004463 download Genome-wide identification of A-to-I editing in human microRNAs by ADAR isoform-specific RIP-sequencing 488878 UT-BS
19. DRP004465 download Transcriptome sequencing project of ATF3 on human hepatocellular carcinoma cells. 491259 RENJI-H
20. DRP004471 download IncN plasmid carried blaIMP-6 in concealed-type carbapenem-susceptible Escherichia coli 492257 NIID
21. DRP004476 download metagenomic 16S rDNA amplicon sequencing of amniotic fluid samples 492724 NRICHD
22. DRP004495 download AMED CRE Consortium: Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in Vietnam 494657 NCGM
23. DRP004497 download Epidemiological analysis of a Campylobacter lari-associated foodborne outbreak in Japan 494661 TIH
24. DRP004500 download Chimeric mice with humanized livers demonstrate human-specific hepatotoxicity caused by a therapeutic antibody against TRAIL-receptor 2/death receptor 5 494837 KHK
25. DRP004506 download mRNA sequencing of interleukin-11 knocked down tadpoles in Xenopus tail regeneration 495759 UT_SCI
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