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# Accession ⇑ Title Project Center
1. DRP001151 download A promoter level mammalian expression atlas (human, sRNA-Seq) 247261 BioProject
2. DRP003353 download Transcriptome analysis of oncogene induced transformation in human diploid fibroblasts (TIG-3) 356160 KYUSH-MIB
3. DRP003770 download Interleukin 6-dependent growth in a newly established plasmablastic lymphoma cell line and its therapeutic targets 400140 NIID
4. DRP003775 download Whole-genome sequencing of Staphylococcus aureus strain JP02758 400304 KAZUSA
5. DRP003793 download Oral bacterial 16S rRNA-V4 sequencing of four Japanese adults in multiple conditions of sample storage 401320 TOHOKU
6. DRP003804 download Metgenomic analysis of human saliva microbiome from healthy subjects 403950 UT_COB
7. DRP003812 download High-throughput detection and genotyping of human pathogenic RNA viruses in human feces and sewage 407064 TOHOKU
8. DRP003821 download Complete genome sequence of Fusobacterium varium str. Fv113-g1 407612 NIID
9. DRP003824 download DMS-seq 408084 KYUSHU
10. DRP003825 download A distinct subset of CD25 negative T-follicular regulatory cells localizes in the germinal centers 408248 OSAKA_WPI
11. DRP003828 download Analysis of gene expression profiles of 48 ABC transporters in normal colon and colon cancer tissues 408246 TOHOKU
12. DRP003829 download Exploring Human Oral Microbiome 411891 UB
13. DRP003837 download Human AIRE expression in mice 412713 TOKUSHIMA
14. DRP003842 download Genomic localization of various factors/modificaions in HB1119 cells 412819 HIROSHIMA
15. DRP003845 download Core function of microbiota in peri-implantitis and periodontitis 412995 KYOTO_GM
16. DRP003849 download Serotyping Dengue virus using an isothermal amplification and a portable sequencer 413147 UT-MGS
17. DRP003852 download Genome wide identification of MCM7 binding sites as replication origins 413487 KUFMS
18. DRP003868 download Global transcriptional response to acidosis 415286 SUMS
19. DRP003877 download Genomic comparison of bovine- and human-associated E. coli 415741 KYUSHU
20. DRP003883 download Identification of potential regulatory mutations by multi-omics analysis and haplotyping of lung adenocarcinoma cell lines 419335 UT-MGS
21. DRP003884 download Comprehensive promoter profiling of human corneal endothelial cells 417998 RIKEN_CLST_DGT
22. DRP003888 download Palatine tonsil microbiome of HIV-infected individuals 419339 TUM-MID
23. DRP003889 download Cleansing effect of acidic L-arginine on human oral biofilm 419328 KAGAWA
24. DRP003893 download Spider communities link above- and below-ground food webs: high-throughput sequencing of Hexapoda prey from spider samples 419334 KYOTO_HE
25. DRP003898 download Targeted sequencing of HPV-related head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cell lines. 419499 YOKOHAMA_CITY
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