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1. SRP108867 download 22Rv1 in vivo progression model 389750 BioProject
2. ERP125685 download 3' UTR RNA-sequencing of osimertinib vs. untreated Patient Derived Xenograft (PDX) models derived from EGFR-mutant lung tumors 748314 Molecular Pathology, Institute of Pathology & Tran
3. SRP091988 download 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2,6-biphosphatase 4 is essential for p53-null cancer cells 350308 GEO
4. SRP120609 download A Brain Penetrant Mutant IDH1 Inhibitor Provides In Vivo Survival Benefit 415191 GEO
5. SRP256491 download A Distinct Role for GLUT3 in Glioblastoma Invasion 625541 GEO
6. SRP162135 download A Patient-derived Xenograft Model of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Identifies Sapanisertib as a Possible New Treatment for Everolimus-Resistant Tumors 491910 BioProject
7. SRP291456 download A Super-enhancer Associated with CD47 Links Pro-inflammatory Signaling in CD47 Upregulation in Breast Cancer 360118 dbGaP
8. SRP103812 download A Unique B-cell Regulome links Notch to Downstream Oncogenic Pathways in Small B-cell Lymphoma 382194 GEO
9. SRP273301 download A bladder cancer patient-derived xenograft reflects aggressive growth dynamics in vivo and in organoids 648129 GEO
10. SRP216417 download A cancer-specific ubiquitin ligase drives alternative polyadenylation by targeting PCF11 556709 GEO
11. SRP291324 download A humanized Animal Model Predicts Clonal Evolution and Therapeutic Vulnerabilities in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms 674854 GEO
12. DRP004856 download A multi-modal data resource for investigating geographic heterogeneity in patient-derived xenograft tumors 527432 UCSF
13. SRP187053 download A novel Menin-MLL inhibitor induces specific chromatin changes and eradicates disease in models of MLL-rearranged leukemia 524685 GEO
14. SRP065849 download A novel RAF kinase inhibitor with DFG-out binding mode: high efficacy in BRAF-mutant tumor xenograft models in the absence of normal tissue hyperproliferation 301353 GEO
15. SRP143531 download A novel enhancer regulates MGMT expression and promotes temozolomide resistance in glioblastoma 454033 GEO
16. SRP016108 download A novel proteomic approach reveals GREB1 as an Estrogen Receptor co-factor 177430 GEO
17. SRP172519 download A reference collection of cell line and xenograft models of proneural, classical and mesenchymal GBM 508446 BioProject
18. ERP112773 download A single agent induces apoptosis of AML blasts and prolongs survival in AML xenograft models. 522177 BAYLOR COLLEGE OF ME
19. SRP110989 download A targetable EGFR-associated tumor-initiating program in breast cancer 392838 BioProject
20. SRP226652 download AIB1D4 role in early breast cancer progression 578942 GEO
21. SRP000918 download AML Sequencing Project 74783 dbGaP
22. SRP282433 download ATRX alteration contributes to tumor growth and immune escape in pleomorphic sarcomas 663493 GEO
23. SRP040807 download Acquired resistance of EGFR-mutant lung adenocarcinomas to afatinib plus cetuximab is associated with activation of mTORC1 243369 BioProject
24. SRP199905 download Acquired resistance to combined BET and CDK4/6 inhibition in triple-negative breast cancer [Exome] 545506 GEO
25. SRP141118 download Activating Transcription Factor 4 modulated TGFb-induced aggresiveness in triple negative breast cancer vis SMAD2/3/4 and mTORC2 signaling 450921 GEO
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