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# Accession Title ⇑ Project Center
1. SRP119392 download 'Naïve' ESRRB+ iPSCs with the capacity for rapid neural differentiation 413135 GEO
2. SRP082486 download 1) human; 2) feces; 3) microbial diversity in the human gut in metabolic disorders 339677 BioProject
3. SRP028519 download 16S Bacteria Amplicon Sequencing from Human Gut 174594 BioProject
4. SRP066115 download 16S MiSeq sequencing of 3-24 months Children of Vellore India 279828 BioProject
5. SRP082261 download 16S amplicon and RNA sequencing of the human gut microbiota 339203 BioProject
6. SRP124269 download 16S bacterial profiling in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from patients with Cystic Fibrosis 415684 BioProject
7. ERP105247 download 16S data from FMT trial for the treatment of recurrent Clostridium difficile infection 420283 MIT
8. SRP101879 download 16S identification of bacteria found in the microbiota of healthy human subjects upon supplementation of Lactobacillus johnsonii N6.2 Raw sequence reads 378749 BioProject
9. SRP128069 download 16S rDNA sequencing for characterizing the blood and neutrophil-associated microbiomes 428535 BioProject
10. SRP127292 download 16S rRNA analysis of vaginal and rectal microbiome Targeted loci environmental 424567 BioProject
11. ERP019369 download 16S rRNA gene sequences of human gut microbiota 416757 KOREA FOOD RESEARCH INSTITUTE
12. ERP019474 download 16S rRNA gene sequences of human gut microbiota 416725 KOREA FOOD RESEARCH INSTITUTE
13. ERP019476 download 16S rRNA gene sequences of human gut microbiota 416722 KOREA FOOD RESEARCH INSTITUTE
14. ERP019477 download 16S rRNA gene sequences of human gut microbiota 416723 KOREA FOOD RESEARCH INSTITUTE
15. ERP019478 download 16S rRNA gene sequences of human gut microbiota 416724 KOREA FOOD RESEARCH INSTITUTE
16. ERP019639 download 16S rRNA gene sequencing in extremely low birth weight infant gut 408257 Institute of Food Research
17. ERP019673 download 16S rRNA gene sequencing of Extremelly low birth weight infant 408258 Institute of Food Research
18. ERP019785 download 16S rRNA gene sequencing of the extremelly birth weight infant gut 400736 Institute of Food Research
19. SRP115680 download 16S rRNA gene targeted metagenome sequencing of urine microbiome in kidney stone disease 398193 BioProject
20. SRP019805 download 16S rRNA metagenomic survey of clinical specimens 193431 BioProject
21. SRP064311 download 16S rRNA sequences from human milk samples raw sequence reads 294305 BioProject
22. SRP037975 download 16S rRNA survey of fecal microbiota following fecal microbiota transplantation 238042 BioProject
23. SRP122946 download 16S sequencing from human airway sites Raw sequence reads 415608 BioProject
24. SRP107836 download 1861841 Metagenomic assembly 387219 BioProject
25. ERP022355 download 40,000-year-old individual from Asia provides insight into early population structure in Eurasia 413899 Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
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