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# Accession Title ⇑ Project Center
1. SRP000918 download AML Sequencing Project 74783 dbGaP
2. SRP119483 download Accurate and High-Coverage Immune Repertoire Sequencing Reveals Characteristics of Antibody Repertoire Diversification in Young Children with Malaria 342513 dbGaP
3. SRP107084 download Advanced Genome Sequencing Approaches in Gastric Cancer 384278 dbGaP
4. SRP118811 download Advanced Genomic Techniques in Sequencing of Colorectal Cancer 393228 dbGaP
5. SRP103245 download Advanced Whole Genome Sequencing and Analysis of Fetal Genomes from Amniotic Samples 369591 dbGaP
6. SRP091516 download Analysis of AR Gene Rearrangements in Prostate Cancer 345658 dbGaP
7. SRP078430 download Ashkenazi T2D-GENES Exome Sequencing Study 316641 dbGaP
8. SRP106374 download Biological insights from exome sequences of human embryonic stem cell lines 381258 dbGaP
9. SRP049945 download Building on GWAS for NHLBI-diseases: the U.S. CHARGE consortium (CHARGE-S): ARIC 222877 dbGaP
10. SRP042037 download Building on GWAS for NHLBI-diseases: the U.S. CHARGE consortium (CHARGE-S): CHS 226743 dbGaP
11. SRP033145 download Building on GWAS for NHLBI-diseases: the U.S. CHARGE consortium (CHARGE-S): Framingham Heart Study 215134 dbGaP
12. SRP020237 download CGCI: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) 172563 dbGaP
13. SRP073257 download CIDR NINDS Family-based whole genome sequencing to find HD Modifiers 311619 dbGaP
14. SRP065346 download CSER: Clinical Implementation of Carrier Testing Using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) 286030 dbGaP
15. SRP066783 download CSER: The CHOP/UPenn Pediatric Genetic Sequencing Project 287586 dbGaP
16. SRP082239 download CSER: Clinical Sequencing in Cancer: Clinical, Ethical, and Technological Studies 297610 dbGaP
17. SRP048907 download CSER: Exploring Precision Cancer Medicine for Sarcoma and Rare Cancers 223420 dbGaP
18. SRP073628 download CSER: Genomic Diagnosis in Children with Developmental Delay 315715 dbGaP
19. SRP092770 download Capturing the Biology of Mild Versus Severe Disease in a Pluripotent Stem Cell-Based Model of Familial Dysautonomia 350187 dbGaP
20. SRP039606 download Center for Mendelian Genomics [CMG] - Baylor Hopkins Center for Mendelian Genomics 237879 dbGaP
21. SRP102297 download Chemosensitive relapse in small cell lung cancer patient-derived xenografts 353970 dbGaP
22. SRP040773 download Clinical Sequencing: Clinical Cancer Sequencing 233541 dbGaP
23. SRP076800 download Collection of Tissue Specimens and Clinical Data from Patients with Melanoma for Genetic Analysis (DFCI Protocol 06-375) 320662 dbGaP
24. SRP091431 download Comprehensive Genome and Transcriptome Profiling Using Simultaneous DNA and RNA Sequencing (Simul-seq) 343146 dbGaP
25. SRP078363 download Comprehensive Genomic Characterization of Acral Melanoma 304068 dbGaP
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