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# Accession Title ⇓ Project Center
1. SRP017600 download ß3 agonist administration before reperfusion reduces infarct size and improves long term cardiac function in small and large animal models of myocardial infarction 184170 GEO
2. SRP043203 download ß-catenin regulates primitive streak induction through collaborative interactions with SMAD2/3 and OCT4 252723 GEO
3. SRP017110 download ß-catenin regulates FSHß induction by GnRH: next generation RNA-Sequencing identifies Brms1L as a mediator of beta-catenin regulation of FSHß gene expression 179158 GEO
4. SRP104153 download ß-catenin deficiency in hepatocytes promotes liver tumorigenesis driven by oncogenic ß-Catenin and c-Met in mice 383313 GEO
5. SRP124735 download ß-D-N(4)-hydroxycytidine is a potent anti-alphavirus compound that induces high level of mutations in viral genome 417833 GEO
6. SRP101576 download ß-Actin-dependent global chromatin organization and gene expression programs control cellular identity. 378538 GEO
7. ERP010755 download ³Cells-of-origin transcriptional memory governs self-renewal of MLL cancer stem cells² 327516 'ERIC SO LAB LEUKAEMIA AND STEM CELL BIOLOGY GROUP
8. SRP126960 download “Survey of microbes associated with all western corn rootworm life stages reveals no difference between insects reared on different soils 422802 BioProject
9. SRP108709 download “Stealth Dissemination” of Macrophage-Tumor Cell Fusions Cultured from Blood of Patients with Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma 389267 BioProject
10. SRP076893 download “Same Difference”: Comprehensive evaluation of four DNA methylation measurement platforms 326453 GEO
11. ERP001922 download “Metagenomic analysis of the suboxic layer in humic lakes" 264157 UU-EBC
12. ERP015329 download “Genome sequencing and description of Lucifera butyrica gen. nov. sp. nov., an novel glycerol fermenter and sulfur respirer isolated from acid rock drainage” 344993 WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITY
13. ERP005461 download “Deep” Sequencing Accuracy and Reproducibility using Roche/454 technology for Inferring Co-Receptor Usage in HIV-1 248812 CFENET-UBC
14. ERP015565 download “Candidatus Propionivibrio aalborgensis”: a novel glycogen accumulating organism abundant in full-scale enhanced biological phosphorus removal plants 324047 Aalborg University
15. ERP003619 download “Candidatus Competibacter”-lineage genomes retrieved from metagenomes reveal functional metabolic diversity 236986 Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environ
16. ERP003618 download “Candidatus Competibacter”-lineage genomes retrieved from metagenomes reveal functional metabolic diversity 236415 Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environ
17. ERP018617 download ‘Moonlighting’ cytoplasmic proteins distinguish community- and hospital-associated MRSA isolates 358815 University medical center groningen
18. ERP018940 download ‘Moonlighting’ cytoplasmic proteins distinguish community- and hospital-associated MRSA 351825 University medical center groningen
19. ERP020689 download ‘Candidatus Cochliophilus cryoturris’ (Coxiellaceae), a symbiont of the scaled amoeba Cochliopodium minus 391909 Allen
20. ERP023481 download zxzxz 397995 UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA
21. SRP075509 download zooplankton environmental sample Raw sequence reads 322397 BioProject
22. SRP089803 download zooplankton environmental sample Metagenome 342802 BioProject
23. SRP069263 download zonal agricultural soils Raw sequence reads 310411 BioProject
24. SRP073229 download zmMiRs-Cd isolate:Nongda 108 | cultivar:zea mays Raw sequence reads 316164 BioProject
25. ERP018183 download zezerzrz 358024 UNIVERSITY OF LIEGE - BELGIUM
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