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1. ERP114171 download ádá 541469 xuanquyet301296
2. SRP017600 download ß3 agonist administration before reperfusion reduces infarct size and improves long term cardiac function in small and large animal models of myocardial infarction 184170 GEO
3. SRP128565 download ß2 adrenergic receptor-mediated negative regulation of group 2 innate lymphoid cell responses 429004 GEO
4. SRP145571 download ß-glucan regulating cecal microbiota (Model group) 471227 BioProject
5. SRP145567 download ß-glucan regulating cecal microbiota 471219 BioProject
6. SRP145539 download ß-glucan altering colonic epithelial gene expression (Model group) 471158 BioProject
7. SRP145516 download ß-glucan altering colonic epithelial gene expression 471125 BioProject
8. SRP043203 download ß-catenin regulates primitive streak induction through collaborative interactions with SMAD2/3 and OCT4 252723 GEO
9. SRP017110 download ß-catenin regulates FSHß induction by GnRH: next generation RNA-Sequencing identifies Brms1L as a mediator of beta-catenin regulation of FSHß gene expression 179158 GEO
10. SRP185730 download ß-catenin is essential for differentiation of primary myoblasts via cooperation with MyoD and a-catenin 521241 BioProject
11. SRP104153 download ß-catenin deficiency in hepatocytes promotes liver tumorigenesis driven by oncogenic ß-Catenin and c-Met in mice 383313 GEO
12. SRP180242 download ß-catenin activation promotes immune escape and resistance to anti-PD-1 therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma 515888 GEO
13. SRP162318 download ß-RA reduces DMQ/CoQ ratio and recues the encephalopathic phenotype in Coq9R239X mice 492403 GEO
14. SRP181135 download ß-Mannan utilization by Roseburia intestinalis 516396 BioProject
15. SRP124735 download ß-D-N(4)-hydroxycytidine is a potent anti-alphavirus compound that induces high level of mutations in viral genome 417833 GEO
16. SRP101576 download ß-Actin-dependent global chromatin organization and gene expression programs control cellular identity. 378538 GEO
17. ERP010755 download ³Cells-of-origin transcriptional memory governs self-renewal of MLL cancer stem cells² 327516 'ERIC SO LAB LEUKAEMIA AND STEM CELL BIOLOGY GROUP
18. SRP181862 download  wMelpop strain of Wolbachia infection of Aedes albopictus mosquito C6/36 cells modulates dengue virus-induced host cellular transcripts and induces critical sequence alterations in dengue viral genome  516868 GEO
19. SRP168308 download  Pituitary transcriptomic changes dependent on feed conversion in pigs 504666 GEO
20. SRP108167 download  Jinchuan yak group genome resequencing 388125 BioProject
21. SRP133787 download  Differential expression analysis of wildtype and zip-3(gk3164) mutant with next generation sequencing 436589 GEO
22. SRP074146 download “Transcriptomics Analysis Of SOCS3-deficient keratinocytes: Reveled Insights Into Progression of Chronic Skin Disease 319979 GEO
23. ERP104673 download “The end of an enigma”, new subtribe and nomenclatural novelties in Asclepiadeae (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae) 498028 UNIVERSITY OF BAYREUTH
24. SRP126960 download “Survey of microbes associated with all western corn rootworm life stages reveals no difference between insects reared on different soils 422802 BioProject
25. SRP108709 download “Stealth Dissemination” of Macrophage-Tumor Cell Fusions Cultured from Blood of Patients with Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma 389267 BioProject
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