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# Accession Title ⇑ Project Center
1. SRP001842 download no title BIGCAS-KL
2. SRP001608 download no title Korea University
3. SRP001886 download no title University of Oklahoma
4. SRP001879 download no title University of Florida
5. SRP001054 download no title NICHD
6. SRP003459 download Detection by Deep-Sequencing Transcriptome Analysis of Associations of Genotypic Variation in Maize (Zea mays L.) Ear Shoot Meristem mRNA Transcript Abundance with Genotypic Variation in Kernels per Row and Grain Yield in a Replicated Field Experiment NCGR
7. SRP024565 download project JGI
8. SRP006733 download "1000" Drosophila Genomes - DPGP3 UC Davis
9. ERP008807 download "Analysis of the intestinal microbiota of hybrid house mice reveals evolutionary divergence in a vertebrate hologenome" 268239 Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Plo
10. ERP010886 download "Analysis of the stool microbiota in healthy individuals in relation to the ancestral HLA haplotype AH8.1" 288673 MPI-EVB
11. SRP112379 download "Application of metatranscriptome technique for isolation of microbes from mangroves for potential use in biofertilization and bioremediation" 393921 BioProject
12. SRP057388 download "Assessing the ecological status of seagrasses using morphology, biochemical descriptors and microbial community analyses. A study in Halophila stipulacea meadows in the northern Red Sea. " 281491 University of Rome Tor Vergata
13. SRP010064 download "Calling Cards" for DNA-binding proteins in mammalian cells 151051 GEO
14. SRP150801 download "Differential Gene Expression during Substrate Probing in the Caribbean Coral Porites astreoides" 476568 BioProject
15. ERP003736 download "Distinct Mutational Patterns of Infection and Non-Infection-Related Bile Duct Cancers Revealed by Exome Sequencing" 223248 DUKE-NUS
16. SRP040116 download "Drug-seq": An Approach to Identify the Genomic Targets of Chemicals Identified by Functional Phenotypic Screens [Drug-seq] 241278 GEO
17. SRP040117 download "Drug-seq": An Approach to Identify the Genomic Targets of Chemicals Identified by Functional Phenotypic Screens [GRO-seq] 241279 GEO
18. ERP007056 download "Expression profiling on the mouse E11.5 rostral telencephalon of Emx1Cre;Gli3 conditional mutants" 342287 University of Edinburgh
19. SRP078081 download "Field grown transgenic switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) with altered lignin does not affect soil chemistry, microbiology and carbon storage potential" 328145 University of Tennessee
20. DRP003564 download "Fuji" apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) genome re-sequencing project 380773 NICS
21. ERP011919 download "Gut microbiota diversity predicts immune status in HIV-1 infection" 294751 Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Plo
22. SRP059524 download "Haida golden scallop” and Yesso scallop raw sequence reads 287092 BioProject
23. ERP013333 download "LCN2 gene shapes mice microbiota" 304330 Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Plo
24. ERP014639 download "Lipocalin 2 protects from colonic inflammation and tumorigenesis through its microbiota modulating properties" 315656 Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Plo
25. SRP060277 download "Metagenomic analysis of a wastewater recycling consortia" 288234 BioProject
/ 6598