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# Accession Title Project Center ⇑
1. SRP028928 download GenomeTrakr Project: US Food and Drug Administration 215355 BioProject
2. SRP040661 download Database for Reference Grade Microbial Sequences (FDA-ARGOS) 231221 BioProject
3. SRP042645 download Public Health England - Salmonella 248792 BioProject
4. SRP064159 download infant gut Targeted Locus (Loci) 296814 BioProject
5. SRP068239 download Vaginal Microbiome of Pregnancy 294119 BioProject
6. SRP069286 download Structural and functional aspects of RNA transfer into exosomes 310826 BioProject
7. SRP071789 download Routine surveillance of E. coli and Shigella by Public Health England 315192 BioProject
8. SRP082654 download Listeria monocytogenes Genome sequencing 248549 BioProject
9. SRP083744 download Clinical sequencing Metagenome Metagenomic assembly 324581 BioProject
10. SRP093495 download A collection Staphylococci species Genome sequencing 339206 BioProject
11. SRP093885 download Human metagenome Raw sequence reads 354838 BioProject
12. SRP095882 download Pediatric Medulloblastoma RNA and microRNA sequencing 359632 BioProject
13. SRP058472 download Homo sapiens Targeted Locus (Loci) 284237 BioProject
14. SRP099292 download human Exome 354173 BioProject
15. SRP102912 download Ig-seq_method 381394 BioProject
16. SRP110282 download Dual RNAseq - Human hepatocytes infected with Plasmodium berghei 390648 BioProject
17. SRP112732 download High frequency intestinal microbiota sampling in allogeneic bone marrow transplant patients 394877 BioProject
18. SRP114962 download Adaptive and Acquired Evolution in Response to Chemotherapy in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer 396019 BioProject
19. SRP115978 download U-rich crRNA 399616 BioProject
20. SRP105100 download Homo sapiens Raw sequence reads 329375 BioProject
21. SRP124825 download Amplicon sequecing of a HLH-related mutation on SH2D1A 418094 BioProject
22. SRP126362 download Targeted RNA-sequencing for the quantification of measurable residual disease in acute myeloid leukemia 421563 BioProject
23. SRP128618 download Ancient human genomes from Late Bronze Age Mongolia 429081 BioProject
24. SRP132083 download RNA Ligation Procedes U6 snRNA/LINE1 Retrotransposition 432733 BioProject
25. SRP133027 download upper respiratory tract metagenome Raw sequence reads 434486 BioProject
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