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1. ERP022757 download Red algae are one of the largest phyla in the algae, however, the genomic information about red algae is relatively rare. In this study, we choose an economic macroalga Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis to reconstruct its draft genome. 453936 zxdlba
2. SRP009194 download Transcriptome and comparative gene expression analysis of Sogatella furcifera (Horv*th) in response to Southern rice black-streaked dwarf virus infection zhejiang university
3. SRP007938 download Human Vaginal Microbiota Metagenome 72531 zhejiang university
4. ERP016359 download The purpose of this study is to perform the metagenomic sequencing of GSM to reveal the effects of age, gender, and environment on the microbial communities and activity of the metagenomes. 338001 zhaogang
5. ERP021033 download In this study, we investigated the process-related dynamic of prokaryotic and fungal communities with the fermentation time (1, 10, 23, 34, 48, 59, and 70 days) using MiSeq-sequencing targeting 16S rRNA and ITS, respectively, change of the flavoring chem 362714 zhangyy
6. ERP021833 download We investigated the process-related dynamic of prokaryotic and fungal communities with the fermentation time (1, 10, 23, 34, 48, 59, and 70 days) using MiSeq-sequencing targeting 16SrRNA and ITS, respectively, change of the flavoring chemicals (e.g., eth 377658 zhangyy
7. SRP009449 download Russula virescens RV-qingtou-2011 Transcriptome or Gene expression 78835 yunnan normal university
8. SRP009690 download Termitomyces albuminosus 69831 yunnan normal university
9. ERP007720 download enrichment of rice soil metagenome under methane and nitrogen addition 169885 yuan
10. SRP106138 download Bacterial communities on lava deposits of different ages from Krafla, Iceland. 385194 your University or Center SCK-CEN
11. ERP007620 download dongjin 218604 younhee
12. ERP010945 download E. coli D70 sequencing with Illumina 150bp SE 288908 yjhur82
13. ERP015552 download Ecoli data 437412 yaser
14. ERP015551 download the Ecoli fastq file 470836 yaser
15. ERP014523 download Dilution methods to manipulate microbial biodiversity 342427 yanyan
16. ERP009103 download Microbial biodiversity and structure in soil 451458 yanyan
17. ERP007789 download the diversity of the diazotrophs in the South China Sea 195906 xp198766
18. ERP019505 download The shotgun genome of freshwater Lyngbya hieronymusii CHAB 3367 417399 xp198766
19. ERP016560 download Oil spill impacted sediments 343762 xieyuwei111
20. ERP024470 download Metagenomic profiles of samples from aquaculture systems 399304 wangjianhua
21. SRP002477 download P.sojae 454 genomic sequences from isolate P7064, P7074 and P7076 virginia bioinformatics institute
22. ERP021274 download Impact of subinhibitory concentration of ciprofloxacin on E. faecium Aus0004 determined by RNA-seq 374820 vcattoir
23. ERP001155 download Sequence analysis of two sex-linked regions on Populus tremuloides chromosome 19 204554 vTI
24. ERP002577 download Integrated transcriptomics and metabolomics decipher differences in the resistance of pedunculate oak to the herbivore Tortrix viridana L. 225907 vTI
25. ERP104758 download This study investigates the embryonic expression pattern of a single Euperipatoides kanangrensis (Onychophora) Toll gene 422226 uppsala university
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