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# Accession ⇓ Title Project Center
1. SRP154768 download Effects of ethanol on human-iPSC neurons 482257 BioProject
2. SRP154763 download Effects of ethanol on human-iPSC neurons 482255 BioProject
3. SRP154762 download Effects of ethanol on human-iPSC neurons 482258 BioProject
4. SRP154661 download Microbiomes of human breast tissue 482181 BioProject
5. SRP154536 download RNA-Seq of HSV infected 293T cells 482043 BioProject
6. SRP154505 download Homo sapiens Genome sequencing 482017 BioProject
7. SRP154498 download Homo sapiens Genome sequencing 482016 BioProject
8. SRP154495 download Homo sapiens Exome 481075 BioProject
9. SRP154399 download PacBio SMRT whole genome sequencing of Telugu H. sapiens 481794 BioProject
10. SRP154382 download Global mapping of polyadenylation site use in proliferating and quiescent (contact-inhibited and serum-starved) cells 481778 GEO
11. SRP154375 download Relative accessability of HSV1 genomic DNA compared with its host cell (ATAC-seq) 481773 GEO
12. SRP154367 download Passage-dependent accumulation of somatic mutations in mesenchymal stromal cells during in vitro culture revealed by whole genome sequencing 481756 BioProject
13. SRP154366 download Genome-wide chromatin accessibility and gene expression profiling of renal cell carcinoma and matched normal kidney tubules [DNase-seq] 481762 GEO
14. SRP154360 download Genome-wide chromatin accessibility and gene expression profiling of renal cell carcinoma and matched normal kidney tubules [RNA-Seq] 481757 GEO
15. SRP154351 download mRNA expression profiles of MDA231 Cells overexpressing lncRNA MACC1-AS1 481759 BioProject
16. SRP154280 download Alternative Splicing regulation protein subcellular localization 481540 BioProject
17. SRP154189 download Transcriptome profiling identified a 3-lncRNA regulatory network in transthyretin against glucose induced hRECs dysfunction 481517 GEO
18. SRP154188 download ATF4 couples MYC-dependent translational activity to bioenergetic demands during tumor progression 481516 GEO
19. SRP154131 download Characterization of small intestinal microbiota in patients undergoing evaluation for suspected small intestinal bacteria overgrowth 472002 BioProject
20. SRP154086 download Staphylococcus aureus NRS384 rifampicin resistant mutants 399605 BioProject
21. SRP154051 download Homo sapiens breed:macrophage Transcriptome or Gene expression 481386 BioProject
22. SRP154013 download Inhibition of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor - Polyamine Biosynthesis Axis Suppresses Multiple Myeloma and prostate cancer progression 481382 GEO
23. SRP153937 download The miR-96 and RARG signaling axis governs androgen signaling and prostate cancer progression VI 481359 GEO
24. SRP153933 download QIAseq-DNA UMI based variant calling 481357 BioProject
25. SRP153919 download Hyperactivation of MAPK signaling is deleterious to RAS/RAF mutant melanoma 481334 BioProject
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