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# Accession ⇓ Title Project Center
1. SRP130123 download This project aims to identify differences in the fecal microbiota in patients admitted to one long-term acute care hospital using 16S rRNE gene-based Illumina sequencing Raw sequence reads 428477 BioProject
2. SRP130106 download Temporal variability of oral microbiota over 10 months and the implications for future epidemiologic studies 430530 BioProject
3. SRP130095 download Whole Genome Sequencing of an isogenic Huntington''s disease allelic series in human embryonic stem cells 430518 BioProject
4. SRP130048 download Genome Sequences of six Coxiella burnetii isolates from the United Kingdom 430350 BioProject
5. SRP129578 download Homo sapiens Raw sequence reads 428914 BioProject
6. SRP129388 download Single cell RNA-seq of human 10 week embryo forebrain tissue 429950 BioProject
7. SRP129309 download Temporal dynamics of the gut microbiota in the bioregenerative life-support system, Lunar Palace 1 428854 BioProject
8. SRP129027 download Gut microbiome structure and metabolic activity in inflammatory bowel disease 400072 BioProject
9. SRP129005 download Ion torrent sequencing of cell line SW1353 derived from a primary grade II chondrosarcoma 429772 BioProject
10. SRP128978 download Systematic comparison of small RNA library preparation protocols for next-generation sequencing 429731 BioProject
11. SRP128962 download human gut metagenome Raw sequence reads 429685 BioProject
12. SRP128749 download human gut metagenome Metagenome 428883 BioProject
13. SRP128731 download my data 429333 BioProject
14. SRP128699 download RNAseq analyze global transcriptome of changes between siIRF3 and siYAP in Gastric cancer cells 429446 GEO
15. SRP128695 download Inversion Variants in Human and Primate Genomes 429373 BioProject
16. SRP128656 download MPRA of synthetically designed miRNA regulatory elements 429383 BioProject
17. SRP128622 download Caspase-dependent apoptosis gene in gliomas 429329 BioProject
18. SRP128619 download Comparison of intestinal microflora structure in UC patients by three sampling methods 429090 BioProject
19. SRP128608 download Next-generation sequencing of human dermal fibroblasts transdifferentiated towards the otic lineage 429064 GEO
20. SRP128587 download Genome-wide maps of histone modification and chromatin remodeler binding in acute myeloid leukemia blast cells and normal hematopoietic cells 429274 GEO
21. SRP128579 download Novel Atherogenic Pathways from the Differential Transcriptiome Analysis of Diabetic Epicardial Adipose Tissue 429262 GEO
22. SRP128568 download Single cell sequencing of UETCs from patients with urothelial bladder carcinoma 428992 BioProject
23. SRP128564 download Role of SUMOylation in differential ERa transcriptional repression by SERMs and pure antiestrogens in breast cancer cells 429003 GEO
24. SRP128545 download Differential transcriptional responses to Ebola and Marburg virus infection in bat and human cells 429171 BioProject
25. SRP128529 download Oral microbiome from individuals with periodontal disease or health. 429201 BioProject
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