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# Accession ⇓ Title Project Center
1. SRP136329 download Next Generation Sequencing of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Samples 431329 dbGaP
2. SRP136252 download Platform for assessing immune response signatures in healthy human subjects 422947 dbGaP
3. SRP134185 download TCR Repertoire of CD4+ T cells in Human Lymph Nodes 434344 dbGaP
4. SRP133765 download Genomic analysis of melanocytic neoplasms 434348 dbGaP
5. SRP133400 download Genomic resistance patterns to second generation androgen blockade in paired tumor biopsies of metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer 401068 dbGaP
6. SRP133379 download Genetics, Cellular and Natural History of X-Linked Dystonia Parkinsonism 430958 dbGaP
7. SRP133234 download Deep Sequencing Studies for Cannabis and Stimulant Dependence 407648 dbGaP
8. SRP133229 download GnRH agonist-induced ovarian suppression and ovarian steroids in PMDD and controls 381262 dbGaP
9. SRP132781 download MGH AF Study: Exome Sequencing in Early-Onset Atrial Fibrillation 354107 dbGaP
10. SRP132778 download MGH AF Study: Resequencing Five GWAS Loci for Atrial Fibrillation 354109 dbGaP
11. SRP132694 download Scalable Whole-exome Sequencing of Cell-free DNA Reveals High Concordance with Metastatic Tumors 396639 dbGaP
12. SRP132600 download Single-cell RNA-seq of rheumatoid arthritis synovial tissue using low-cost microfluidic instrumentation 431832 dbGaP
13. SRP132217 download Gene Expression of Small Cell Carcinoma of the Ovary, Hypercalcemic Type 431507 dbGaP
14. SRP131161 download Resistance to Checkpoint Blockade Therapy Through Inactivation of Antigen Presentation 398304 dbGaP
15. SRP131085 download T1DGC RNA-Seq 398098 dbGaP
16. SRP128156 download Whole Exome Predictors of Immune Checkpoint Therapy Response in Renal Cell Carcinoma 420786 dbGaP
17. SRP127983 download Genetics of Disorders Affecting Tooth Structure, Number, Morphology and Eruption: CIDR 420790 dbGaP
18. SRP127738 download High response rate to anti PD-1 therapy in desmoplastic melanoma 414014 dbGaP
19. SRP126352 download Personal Neoantigen Cancer Vaccines 401960 dbGaP
20. SRP126252 download DAXX Suppression of ALT 421229 dbGaP
21. SRP126192 download Cell Identity Determination In Human Brain: Somatic mutation and cell lineage 417889 dbGaP
22. SRP125139 download Differential Transcription Start Site Usage in Brain-related Samples 408205 dbGaP
23. SRP125053 download Molecular and Family-Based Studies of Gastrointestinal Neoplasia 282061 dbGaP
24. SRP123231 download Next-generation Sequencing of Small Cell Lung Cancer to Identify Actionable Targets for Treatment 384842 dbGaP
25. SRP122921 download Whole exome sequencing and methylation profiling of uveal melanoma 397243 dbGaP
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