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# Accession ⇓ Title Project Center
1. SRP165186 download NHLBI TOPMed: Mayo Clinic Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Study 393377 dbGaP
2. SRP165185 download NHLBI TOPMed: Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS) 397104 dbGaP
3. SRP162262 download Comprehensive Epigenetic Landscape of Rheumatoid Arthritis FLS 474569 dbGaP
4. SRP159912 download Molecular Basis of Hereditary Retinal Degenerations 475319 dbGaP
5. SRP159144 download Whole Exome Characterization of Squamous Cell Lung Cancers (Lung SQCC) from Appalachian Kentucky (APPKY) 488518 dbGaP
6. SRP159083 download Structural alterations driving castration-resistant prostate cancer revealed by linked-read genome sequencing 449983 dbGaP
7. SRP158687 download Preanalytic Impacts on Genomic Sequencing by NGS technology 477669 dbGaP
8. SRP157985 download Host Genetic Determinants of the Outcome of Staphyloccus Aureus Bacteremia by Whole Exome Sequencing 422327 dbGaP
9. SRP156530 download Mixed-Effects Association of Single Cells Identifies an Expanded Effector CD4+ T Cell Subset in Rheumatoid Arthritis 484871 GEO
10. SRP155411 download Genomic and Transcriptomic characterization of chordoma 478014 dbGaP
11. SRP154926 download TEDDY Microbiome 400115 dbGaP
12. SRP154918 download A dormant TIL phenotype defines non-small cell lung carcinomas sensitive to immune checkpoint blockers 475179 dbGaP
13. SRP154388 download NCI Primary Human Melanocyte QTL Study 421623 dbGaP
14. SRP154141 download Inherited Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes 417131 dbGaP
15. SRP152881 download High Throughput Single-cell DNA Sequencing of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Tumors with Droplet Microfluidics 476198 dbGaP
16. SRP152521 download Genetic Variation Associated with Bicuspid Aortic Valve in Turner Syndrome 432473 dbGaP
17. SRP150739 download Gene Expression and Regulatory Networks in Human Leukocytes 263530 dbGaP
18. SRP150018 download Structure and diversity of urinary cell-free DNA informative of host-pathogen interactions in human urinary tract infection 445348 dbGaP
19. SRP150012 download CALGB 40601: Randomized Phase 3 Trial of Paclitaxel Combined with Trastuzumab, Lapatinib, or Both as Neoadjuvant Treatment of HER2-Positive Breast Cancer 448797 dbGaP
20. SRP149932 download Detection of Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility Loci Using Genome-Wide Sequencing 437033 dbGaP
21. SRP149710 download Genomic Correlates of Response and Resistance to Immune Checkpoint Blockade in Solid Tumors 445759 dbGaP
22. SRP149157 download Pan-tumor genomic biomarkers for personalization of PD-1 checkpoint blockade based immunotherapy 449580 dbGaP
23. SRP145083 download Epi4K: Whole Exome Sequencing in Multiplex Families and Pairs 437686 dbGaP
24. SRP144743 download Epilepsy Genetics Initiative 434483 dbGaP
25. SRP144319 download Establishment and characterization of prostate cancer organoids 454346 dbGaP
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