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# Accession ⇓ Title Project Center
1. SRP162403 download aquatic pond sediment sequencing 492818 BioProject
2. SRP162401 download illumina soil sample Metagenome 490867 BioProject
3. SRP162391 download Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis Raw sequence reads 492249 BioProject
4. SRP162390 download PacBio genome sequencing of Haliotid herpesvirus 1 492770 BioProject
5. SRP162389 download Demethylation of DMAs in the enrichment cultures of methanogens from paddy soils 492765 BioProject
6. SRP162388 download arsenic methylation in the enrichment cultures of SRB from paddy soils 492762 BioProject
7. SRP162387 download Gut virome of Cameroonians living in close proximity with bats 491626 BioProject
8. SRP162385 download Ficus esquiroliana Transcriptome or Gene expression 492455 BioProject
9. SRP162376 download Chimonanthus praecox Raw sequence reads 492170 BioProject
10. SRP162367 download Metagenomic analyses of bioaerosols from swine confinement buildings at different production phase 492489 BioProject
11. SRP162364 download Estimating bacteria diversity in different organs of nine species of mosquito 416453 BioProject
12. SRP162351 download Fungi Microbial Survey 482816 BioProject
13. SRP162350 download Acidomyces richmondensis strain:FRIK2901 Genome sequencing and assembly 486357 BioProject
14. SRP162345 download Sequences from Great Salt Lake microbial mats incubated at different salinities Raw sequence reads 492463 BioProject
15. SRP162339 download eukaryotic picoplankton community in the surface water 492462 BioProject
16. SRP162321 download Bubalus bubalis raw sequence reads: milk microbiota of healthy and subclinical mastitis quarters 492401 BioProject
17. SRP162315 download Targeted 16S rDNA of uncultured Prokaryotic population in the west Pacific seamount 491475 BioProject
18. SRP162313 download Survey of bacteria associated with silicate minerals in a watershed context 492367 BioProject
19. SRP162309 download Tamarix chinensis Raw sequence reads 492209 BioProject
20. SRP162302 download Dicentrarchus labrax raw whole-genome sequence reads 472842 BioProject
21. SRP162300 download Vertebrate species Raw sequence reads 478935 BioProject
22. SRP162297 download coral metagenome Raw sequence reads 492377 BioProject
23. SRP162296 download Ficus hirta Raw sequence reads 491590 BioProject
24. SRP162292 download prokaryotic picoplankton community in the surface water 492365 BioProject
25. SRP162290 download Bell pepper Raw sequence reads 491589 BioProject
/ 6441