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# Accession ⇓ Title Project Center
1. SRP151212 download Floodplain soil and its bacterial composition 477705 BioProject
2. SRP151207 download gibberellin fermentation residue compost Raw sequence reads 477267 BioProject
3. SRP151204 download soil microbial communities in black soil 477677 BioProject
4. SRP151203 download CH Campala Lr22a 2D chromosome sequencing 477683 BioProject
5. SRP151202 download Paddy soil sample Raw sequence reads 477652 BioProject
6. SRP151201 download pig fecal Targeted loci 477681 BioProject
7. SRP151194 download Streptomyces griseus S4-7 Genome sequencing 237995 BioProject
8. SRP151193 download Sabella spallanzanii detection via environmental DNA 477646 BioProject
9. SRP151192 download Effects of abalone visceral polypeptide on intestinal microbiota of mice investigated by Illumina Miseq sequencing 477649 BioProject
10. SRP151189 download Straightforward Delivery of Linearized Double-stranded DNA Encoding sgRNA and Donor DNA for the Generation of Single Nucleotide Variants Based on the CRISPR/Cas9 System 477645 BioProject
11. SRP151188 download Phylogenetics of Camelina Crantz. (Brassicaceae) and insights on the origin of gold-of-pleasure (Camelina sativa) 477644 BioProject
12. SRP151187 download Shiraia bambusicola Raw sequence reads 477435 BioProject
13. SRP151186 download Shiraia bambusicola Raw sequence reads 477419 BioProject
14. SRP151184 download soil metagenome Raw sequence reads 477637 BioProject
15. SRP151182 download Panax ginseng Transcriptome or Gene expression 475849 BioProject
16. SRP151181 download soil metagenome Raw sequence reads 477592 BioProject
17. SRP151179 download rat genome sequencing 477610 BioProject
18. SRP151171 download Dendrobium huoshanense Raw sequence reads 476156 BioProject
19. SRP151167 download Streptomyces badius strain:SF7B6 Genome sequencing and assembly 316661 BioProject
20. SRP151166 download Streptomyces badius strain:SP6C4 Genome sequencing and assembly 316658 BioProject
21. SRP151163 download Paenibacillus bovis Metagenome 477461 BioProject
22. SRP151162 download Highly efficient RNA-guided base editing in rabbit 477586 BioProject
23. SRP151155 download Methanothermococcus single cell amplified whole genome sequencing 477509 BioProject
24. SRP151129 download The microbiome of Apis mellifera under pesticide treatment 477521 BioProject
25. SRP151127 download Eighteen-year farming management moderately shapes the soil microbial community structure but promotes habitat-specific taxa 477363 BioProject
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