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1. SRP216084 download Lactobacillus reuteri strain:LL7 Genome sequencing and assembly 554696 BioProject
2. SRP216081 download Illumina sequencing reveals the first complete genome of Chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus (Geminiviridae: Mastrevirus) from Tomato in Kenya 556271 BioProject
3. SRP216080 download Multiple Drug Resistance in the canine hookworm Ancylostoma caninum: an Emerging Threat 556272 BioProject
4. SRP216079 download Rhizosphere and soil surrounding Coriaria myrtifolia in Algeria Metagenome 553534 BioProject
5. SRP216063 download Lactobacillus sp. LL6 Genome sequencing and assembly 554698 BioProject
6. SRP216061 download Short communication: Surface charring from prescribed burning has minimal effects on soil bacterial community composition two weeks post-fire in jack pine barren 556207 BioProject
7. SRP216060 download ATCO soil disturbance studies 556185 BioProject
8. SRP216053 download Human cholangiocyte cell line (H69) gene editing 556235 BioProject
9. SRP216046 download A novel in situ method to enhance mature leachate quality in Aerobic-Anaerobic Recirculation Landfill 556145 BioProject
10. SRP216041 download Human oral bacterial isolates Genome sequencing 282954 BioProject
11. SRP216019 download Psychrobacter sp. 230 Genome sequencing 527708 BioProject
12. SRP216018 download Eriocheir sinensis Metagenome 556125 BioProject
13. SRP216008 download Soil microbial community responce to R. officinalis 556152 BioProject
14. SRP216002 download SPDAF Raw sequence reads 554440 BioProject
15. SRP216001 download metagenome of spontaneously fermented salami from meat of four animal species 555872 BioProject
16. SRP215998 download Mus musculus Transcriptome 556119 BioProject
17. SRP215995 download Methylome and transcriptome of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma 556128 BioProject
18. SRP215993 download Sequencing of TR4 556111 BioProject
19. SRP215991 download Demographic history and high-altitude adaptation in a specialized species, Andean torrent duck (Merganetta armata) 556105 BioProject
20. SRP215987 download Diagnostic value of metagenomic next generation sequencing for suspected focal infection 556091 BioProject
21. SRP215984 download sludge samples collected from HADRs Raw sequence reads 555447 BioProject
22. SRP215979 download High-throughput resequencing of four tobacco varieties (LY1306, Qinyan 96, Wanmao 3, Wufeng 1) of different tobacco types identifies genetic diversity and SSR markers 549528 BioProject
23. SRP215975 download Camelina sativa Vnttmk-17 Resequencing 534915 BioProject
24. SRP215973 download Camelina sativa STAMM04X05 Resequencing 535327 BioProject
25. SRP215972 download Camelina sativa STAMM06X13B Resequencing 535338 BioProject
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