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# Accession ⇓ Title Project Center
1. SRP221670 download Whole genome re-sequencing of a date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) mapping population 505141 BioProject
2. SRP221669 download Human single iNKT cell mRNA sequencing 565590 BioProject
3. SRP221665 download Chromosome-scale assembly of an elite indica-japonica intermediate type restorer line, R600, based on PacBio, Illumina and Hi-C sequencing 564911 BioProject
4. SRP221664 download Bacteriophage of K. pneumonia 565575 BioProject
5. SRP221662 download sequencing of mutant tetA(C) gene with high antibiotic resistance 565567 BioProject
6. SRP221660 download Trachycarpus fortunei transcriptome 565563 BioProject
7. SRP221659 download Systematics of Vriesea (Bromeliaceae): phylogenetic relationships based on nuclear gene and partial plastome sequences 554504 BioProject
8. SRP221658 download High fat diet induced gut microbiota 565559 BioProject
9. SRP221656 download Runx3 overexpression in primary chondrocyte influences the expression levels of multiple genes regulating chondrocyte phenotype 565558 BioProject
10. SRP221655 download sequencing of mutant tetA(C) gene with high antibiotic resistance 565552 BioProject
11. SRP221653 download Comprehensive Stress-based Transcriptome of Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) 564412 BioProject
12. SRP221652 download Intestinal flora disruption and a novel intestinal biomarker associated with nasopharyngeal carcinoma 565548 BioProject
13. SRP221651 download Anastrepha obliqua Metagenome 565518 BioProject
14. SRP221649 download Inhibition of Runx3 influences chondrocyte photypes 565544 BioProject
15. SRP221648 download Investigating environmental microbial diversity on Bard College 565542 BioProject
16. SRP221647 download The skin and gill microbiome of diploid and triploid Atlantic salmon before and after experimental salmonid alphavirus infection 565540 BioProject
17. SRP221645 download H3K27me3 diversity between Phaeodactylum tricornutum accessions 565539 BioProject
18. SRP221642 download Panicum virgatum J037.A Resequencing 460986 BioProject
19. SRP221641 download Panicum virgatum J164.A Resequencing 460989 BioProject
20. SRP221640 download Panicum virgatum J019.A Resequencing 460980 BioProject
21. SRP221639 download Panicum virgatum J186.A Resequencing 460992 BioProject
22. SRP221636 download Panicum virgatum J249.A Resequencing 460998 BioProject
23. SRP221635 download fecal sample Raw sequence reads 565497 BioProject
24. SRP221634 download Panicum virgatum J199.A Resequencing 460995 BioProject
25. SRP221627 download soil sanlitiy Raw sequence reads 565485 BioProject
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