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NCBI SRA Toolkit

Below are the latest releases of various tools and release checksum file.

SRA Toolkit

The SRA Toolkit version 2.10.2 is available in a Linux-only release and is designed to work within cloud compute instances on AWS and GCP. For Windows and OSX today, please continue to use version 2.9.6-1 below.

Compiled binaries/install scripts of January 15, 2020, version 2.10.2 (Linux only):

Compiled binaries of May 7, 2019, version 2.9.6-1 release:


Magic-BLAST is a tool for mapping large next-generation RNA or DNA sequencing runs against a whole genome or transcriptome.

  • Magic-BLAST executables for LINUX, MacOSX, and Windows as well as the source files are available on the FTP site
  • Read more about Magic BLAST on the FTP site

Third Party Software

Builds of Third Party Software Tools with SRA support ( NGS 2.10.2 release ):

Latest Source Code

File checksums

You may validate downloaded files with md5 checksums computed using md5sum -b