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Effect of superhydrophobic sand mulches on bacterial communities associated with crops

Identifiers: SRA: SRP252362
BioProject: PRJNA611941
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Abstract: The effects of superhydrophobic sand mulches layer on crop yields were evaluated in field trials (Hada Al-Sham, Saudi Arabia, 21.7963 N, 39.7265 E) using tomato and wheat as model plants. For each field treatment (irrigation: fresh/salty water; overlay: superhydrophobic sand mulches presence/absence), the root system of barley and tomato plants was randomly selected from each experimental plot (barley, n=18; tomato, n=18). The root system was sampled using sterile scissors and tweezers and the rhizosphere portion of soil further separated. Bulk soil not influenced by the root system was also sampled. Microbiological analyses were performed on the total DNA extracted from root tissues, rhizosphere, and bulk soil. High-throughput sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene was used to investigate the bacterial community associated with such samples.

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