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Transcriptome of Immortalized Mouse Corneal Endothelial Cells with SLC4A11 deficiency

Identifiers: SRA: SRP238853
BioProject: PRJNA597783
GEO: GSE142635
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: Mutations in the solute-linked carrier family 4 member 11 (SLC4A11) gene are associated with several corneal endothelial dystrophies, in all of which visually significant cornea edema may require corneal transplantation. To elucidate the pathogenesis of SLC4A11 associated corneal endothelial dystrophies, we analyzed the transcriptome of immortalized mouse corneal endothelial cells (Slc4a11-/- MCEnC) and Slc4a11+/+ MCEnC as controls. Overall design: Slc4a11-/- MCEnC P7 (n=3) vs Slc4a11+/+ MCEnC P6 (n=3); Slc4a11-/- MCEnC P40 (n=3) vs Slc4a11+/+ MCEnC P39 (n=3).
Center Project: GSE142635
External Link: /pubmed:32721020

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