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Single-cell RNA-seq analysis of human tonsil dendritic cells

Identifiers: SRA: SRP149160
BioProject: PRJNA473509
GEO: GSE115006
Study Type: 
Abstract: We performed single-cell RNA-seq on dendritic cells isolated from the tonsils of one healthy donor. We used the 10x chromium technology.The expression matrix provided in supplementary is the result of Cellranger aggregate method on : GSE115007, GSE115006 and GSE103544. Overall design: Tonsil phagocytes were prepared by centrifugation on a Ficoll gradient. Dendritic cells were enriched by negative selection using magnetic beads. Cell populations were further isolated by cell sorting. Cellular suspensions (3500 cells) were loaded on a 10X Chromium instrument (10X Genomics) according to manufacturer's protocol.
Center Project: GSE115006
External Link: /pubmed:29967419

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