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RNA-seq expression panel in various tissues of Rosa wichurana and rose cultivar 'Yesterday'

Identifiers: SRA: SRP133785
BioProject: PRJNA436590
Study Type: 
Abstract: This data set concerns the RNA-seq data of leaves (including control treatments and leaves challenged with powdery mildew pathotype R-E), stems, roots, and axillary buds of Rosa wichurana and rose cultivar 'Yesterday'.This data set is part of an international effort to sequence, assemble and annotate the genome of Rosa chinensis “Old Blush”. The specific objectives were to 1) develop the first high-quality reference genome sequence for the genus Rosa by sequencing a doubled haploid, 2) anchoring the genome scaffolds to a high-density genetic map, 3) to annotate the genes using a variety of different RNA-seq data sets from different tissues and different genotypes, 4) to study genetic diversity by resequencing eight Rosa species, and 5) to study the genome structure and the genetic basis of major ornamental traits, including prickle density and number of flower petals.

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