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Comparison of bacteria community revealed by deep 16S rRNA pyrosequencing in two naturally suppressive or conductive soils for banana Fusarium wilt disease Raw sequence reads

Identifiers: SRA: SRP132524
BioProject: PRJNA432446
Study Type: 
Abstract: Banana Fusarium wilt disease caused by the Fusarium oxyporum f.sp.cubense race 4 fungal pathogen,has been reported to be the most limiting factor in Cavendish banana production world wise since 1996.Three field sites banana farm differing in location but have the same climate,soil type and planting time were selected to compare bacteria and fungi communities in the banana wilt diseased soils and healthy soils. In conclusion, comparisons of soil bacterial and fungi communities from fusarium wilt disease soils and Fusarium wilt suppressive (healthy) soils showed that these disease soils harbored distinctive bacterial and fungi communities,compared to healthy soils.Specifically, higher abundances of fusarium genus according with the significant FOC colonization were observed in diseased soils. Higher abundances of bacteria members within the Firmicutes phylum specifically the genera Bacillus,Lactococcus and Pseudomonas were identified in healthy soils.Meanwhile,The abundance of Ascomycota in diseased soils samples was significantly higher than in healthy soils and genera Mortierella and Trichoderma enriched in healthy soils . Moreover, the enrichment of bacillus in addition to the soil physicochemical property AP and pH were positively correlated with disease suppression.Although it is difficult to understand the exact mechanisms for enhanced disease suppression driven by the composition of the microbial community or by specific populations. Our study reveals that banana Fusarium wilt suppressive soils(healthy soils) has unique bacteria and fungi composition and we identified specific genus population that may be considered useful for consrtructing healthy soil microganism structure. Although it is difficult to describe the proportion of every genus in healthy banana farm soil or in diseased banana farm soil.This study reveals that there may be some disciplinarian of specific genus population proportion between healthy soils and diseased soils.specifically there may be a kind of balance between the pathogen and benenifical genus in healthy soil,if we obtain the balance point or range,then use theory of traditional Chinese Medicine to construct the balance will play a positive role in controlling Fusarium wilt disease.

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