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Transcriptome: Inoculation of rose leaves with DortE4 (Diplocarpon rosae) 72 hpi

Identifiers: SRA: SRP128461
BioProject: PRJNA428929
Study Type: 
Abstract: To get an overview of the defense transcriptome of roses during the compatible and incompatible interaction with Diplocarpon rosae, the causing agent of the black spot disease, RNAseq data were generated. To generate three biological repetitions independent inoculation experiments for the incompatible interaction of the isolate DortE4 with the susceptible rose variety “Pariser Charme” and the resistant genotype 91/100-5 were performed. Samples were taken 72 hours after inoculation (hpi). Library preparation and sequencing on an Illumina HiSeq was performed by GATC biotech (Konstanz, Germany).

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