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Single-cell RNA-seq of 1.3 million brain cells from E18 mice

Identifiers: SRA: SRP096558
BioProject: PRJNA360949
GEO: GSE93421
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: We have made scRNA-Seq libraries from 1.3 million brain cells from 2 E18 mice, and sequenced each cell to ~18,500 reads/cell. Overall design: Cortex, hippocampus, and subventricular zone were purchased from BrainBits (C57EHCV). They were from 2 E18 C57BL/6 mice dissected on the same day, shipped overnight on ice, and stored at 4C until being prepared for scRNA-Seq. Brain tissues were dissociated following the Demonstrated Protocol for Mouse Embryonic Neural Tissue ( 69 scRNA-Seq libraries were made from first mouse brain 2 days after the dissection. Another 64 scRNA-Seq libraries were made from second mouse brain 6 days after the dissection.
Center Project: GSE93421
External Link: /pubmed:28091601

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