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Female Urinary Microbiota Genome Sequencing

Identifiers: SRA: SRP072679
BioProject: PRJNA316969
Study Type: 
Abstract: Recently, bacterial communities (microbiota) have been discovered in the female bladder. Thus, the “sterile urine” paradigm is no longer valid. In an effort to provide a comprehensive view of the newly discovered female urinary microbiota (FUM), we have established an Enhanced Quantitative Urine Culture (EQUC) protocol. EQUC isolates bacteria from 75-90% of urine samples deemed 'no growth' by the standard clinical microbiology urine culture method. We have begun to sequence and annotate the genomes of these isolated bacteria.

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363 ( 328 samples )
369 (136.0Gbp; 69.5Gb)
Additional objects:
File type count
fastq 712
realign to de-novo assembly 85
WGMLST signature 85
assembly of undentified reads 3