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UW - Children''s Health Cohort, Adult Participant''s Buccal Oral Microbiomes, 16S rDNA V5V6 PCR Sequences

Identifiers: SRA: SRP058027
BioProject: PRJNA282991
Study Type: 
Abstract: Thinning ((T) Summer June 2005) and Nonspray ((N) Winter January 2006) Farmworker Buccal Oral 16S rDNA V5V6 PCR Microbiome raw sequence reads from the University of Washington''s Children''s Health Farmworker Cohort. Study goals were to characterize the oral microbiome of Washington State''s Yakima Valley Hispanic Farmworkers to assess human oral bacterial census diversity within a cohort with agricultural environmental bacterial exposures including farming, plant, animal and rural bacterial sources.
Center Project: human oral metagenome
External Link: /pubmed:24594649

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