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Comparison of poly(A) and capture RNA-seq: controlled degradation in vitro

Identifiers: SRA: SRP051102
BioProject: PRJNA270181
GEO: GSE64113
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: We compare the performance of two library preparation protocols (poly(A) and exome capture) in in vitro degraded RNA samples Overall design: VcaP cell were grown, and treated with MDV3100 (enzalutamide) or DHT (dihydrotestosterone), intact RNA was isolated and samples were prepared in technical triplicates using two library preparation protocol. Also cells were subject to in vitro degradation through incubation of the whole cell lysate in 37C for increasing amounts of time. Following incbation paired capture and poly(A) libraries were prepared.
Center Project: GSE64113
External Link: /pubmed:26253700

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