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Pyrus communis strain:Zhongai 1 and Jinxiang Transcriptome or Gene expression

Identifiers: SRA: SRP048768
BioProject: PRJNA261994
Study Type: 
Abstract: 'Zhongai 1' is an excellent pear dwarfing rootstock selected from seedlings of 'Jinxiang' , it is dwarfing and the average length of its one year old shoots is less than 50 centimeters. 'Jinxiang' is the female parent of 'Zhongai 1' crossed by 'Nanguoli' (Pyrus ussuriensis Maxim.) and 'Bartlete' (Pyrus communis Lim.). To investigate the dwarfing phenomenon of 'Zhongai 1' pear and understand which genes control the plant growth, so that it would be utilized in pear rootstock breeding. In this project, we presented a de novo assembly of tender leaves transcriptome of these two pears varieties using Illumina-based RNA-seq data,the tender leaves of two varieties were collected on 25th Jun, 2012.

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