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HITS-CLIP reveals key regulators of nuclear receptor signaling in breast cancer.

Identifiers: SRA: SRP042140
BioProject: PRJNA248264
GEO: GSE57855
Study Type: 
Abstract: We used a genome-wide approach (High-throughput sequencing of RNA isolated by crosslinking immunoprecipitation, or HITS-CLIP) to define direct miRNA-mRNA interactions in three breast cancer subtypes (estrogen receptor positive, Her2 amplified and triple negative). Focusing on steroid receptor signaling, we identified two novel regulators of the ER pathway (miR-9-5p and miR-193a/b-3p), which together target multiple genes involved in ER signaling. Moreover, this approach enabled the definition of miR-9-5p as a global regulator of steroid receptor signaling in breast cancer. Finally, we show that miRNA targets and networks defined by our analysis are predictive of patient outcomes and provide global insight into miRNA regulation in breast cancer. Overall design: Argonaute HITS-CLIP on three representative breast cancer cell lines (each in triplicate).
Center Project: GSE57855
External Link: /pubmed:24906430

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