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Transcriptome profiling of omental adipose tissues in human obesity by RNA-Seq

Identifiers: SRA: SRP037778
BioProject: PRJNA238241
GEO: GSE55008
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: Purpose: To profile the transcriptomes of omental adipose tissues from obese and lean humans. Methods: Omental adipose tissues from obese and lean patients were subjected to RNA-Seq. Results: Differential expression analysis identified 206 dysregulated genes (p-value < 0.05 by moderated t-test and fold change = 2 in obesity) that are known to be involved in a multitude of functions, including response to stress, inflammatory response and leukocyte adhesion. Differential splicing analysis uncovered the possible role of TLR4 RNA splicing in obesity. Our findings suggest that, as a person experiences weight gain/obesity, the adipose splicing pattern of TLR4 transcripts changes in favor of activation of TLR4 signaling, which in turn may contribute to the progression of obesity-related inflammation and complications. Conclusion: This study provides a look into the transcriptome of disease-state adipose tissue in obesity, and demonstrates the potential importance of aberrant RNA splicing and expression in obesity-associated immune dysregulation. Overall design: Study design is of cross-sectional nature. Seven samples (three obese and four lean) were analyzed.

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