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De Novo Purine Synthesis Mediates Circadian Control of Cell Cycle in Zebrafish (HTS)

Identifiers: SRA: SRP030635
BioProject: PRJNA222295
GEO: GSE51278
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: Inosine 5''-phosphate dehydrogenase (impdh) has been well known as a key enzyme in GTP biosynthesis pathway. We found that three isoforms of impdh in zebrafish, namely impdh1a, impdh1b and impdh2, all show robust circadian expression.To examine the molecular functions of three impdh isoforms in zebrafish on the genome scale, we measured the global expression changes of impdh1a, impdh1b and impdh2 morpholino injected larvae (morphants) respectively using RNA-seq. Wild type (WT), control and three impdh morphants were collected at 32 hpf. In our RNA-seq result, we identified 468, 331 and 1166 significant genes affected by impdh1a, impdh1b and impdh2 morpholino (MO) knock-down respectively. Among them, there are limited overlaps between genes affected by different MOs and only 36 genes in common among all three MOs. This indicates that the three impdh isoforms have distinct molecular functions. Overall design: To knock down the target genes, three impdh MOs and control MO were pressure-injected into 1- to 2-cell stage embryos. WT, control and three impdh morphants were raised at 28°C under 14h: 10h light/dark cycle from birth and sampled simultaneously at 32 hpf. Each group has at least 40 embryos.
Center Project: Danio rerio
External Link: /pubmed:25714999

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