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Large-scale multi-species survey of metabolome and lipidome

Identifiers: SRA: SRP028336
BioProject: PRJNA213747
GEO: GSE49379
Study Type: 
Abstract: This dataset was generated with the goal of comparative study of gene expression in three brain regions and two non-neural tissues of humans, chimpanzees, macaque monkeys and mice. Using this dataset, we performed studies of gene expression and gene splicing evolution across species and search of tissue-specific gene expression and splicing patterns. We also used the gene expression information of genes encoding metabolic enzymes in this dataset to support a larger comparative study of metabolome evolution in the same set of tissues and species. Overall design: 120 tissue samples of prefrontal cortex (PFC), primary visual cortex (VC), cerebellar cortex (CBC), kidney and skeletal muscle of humans, chimpanzees, macaques and mice. The data accompanies a large set of metabolite measurements of the same tissue samples. Enzyme expression was used to validate metabolite measurement variation among species.
Center Project: GSE49379
External Link: /pubmed:24866127

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