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Mapping of nascent RNA upon release of DRB in WT and KD of RECQL5

Identifiers: SRA: SRP028170
BioProject: PRJNA213130
GEO: GSE49133
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: Global Run-On has been performed on WT or KD for RECQL5 cells after release from DRB. When RECQL5 is knocked-down the transcriptional wave front is more advanced, suggesting that transcription is faster. Overall design: Constitutive knock-down cell lines expressing or not endogenous levels of shRNA resistant RECQL5 under a Doxycycline inducible promoter were treated with high doses of DRB to block transcription. Upon release into fresh medium we were able to follow how much and how fast the RNA Pol II progresses through genes by mapping nascent RNA by Run-On. The experiment was performed in two cell line clones.
Center Project: GSE49133
External Link: /pubmed:24836610

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