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Massilia sp. JGI 0001003-B08

Identifiers: SRA: SRP024535
BioProject: PRJNA176051
JGI: 29593
Study Type: 
Whole Genome Sequencing
Abstract: Rhizosphere Grand Challenge Single Cell Sequencing. The goal of this project is to comprehensively characterize the genomes of microorganisms found in the rhizosphere and endosphere of Arabidopsis thaliana. Organisms for study have been targeted based on their reproducible association with one or more Arabidopsis genotypes grown in natural soil. To obtain genomes from both culturable and unculturable fractions of the Arabidopsis microbiome, rhizosphere and endosphere samples were disaggregated and individual cells sorted by flow cytometry and amplified by MDA, then microbes of interest were identified by 16S rRNA sequencing and their whole genomes sequenced. Genomic sequences will be analyzed for genes participating in the plant-microbe symbiosis.

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