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Lens culinaris strain:multiple cultivars, accessions and species Transcriptome or Gene expression

Identifiers: SRA: SRP019372
BioProject: PRJNA192531
Study Type: 
Abstract: In order to identify a breadth of nucleotide diversity across the genic regions of the lentil genome, a selection of nine L. culinaris genotypes (cultivars: CDC Redberry, CDC Robin, CDC Milestone, Eston; breeding line: 964A-46; and accessions: PI 320937, LC8602303T, ILL 5588, ILL 8006) and two L. ervoides wild accessions: L01-827A and IG 72815 were selected for targeted 3 -cDNA transcript profiling using 454 pyrosequencing technology. Eleven individual genotype specific sequencing libraries were constructed in the following manner: mRNA extracted from the following five kinds of tissues, sampled individually from each genotype, were mixed in equal proportions and used for constructing the libraries: (1) 2-week old leaf, (2) stem before flowering, (3) 1-week-old etiolated seedling, (4) mixed flower stages, and (5) developing seed at mixed stages; and each tissue sample and . The project was conducted by the Pulse Research Group, Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan and NRC, Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Approximately 1 million reads from the cultivar CDC Redberry and 500,000 reads each from the remaining genotypes are being submitted.
Center Project: Lens culinaris strain:multiple cultivars, accessions and species

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