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GSE38612: Identification of long ncRNAs using RNA-seq in Arabidopsis

Identifiers: SRA: SRP013631
GEO: GSE38612
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: Summary: We profiled Arabidopsis transcriptom using RNA-seq. Each RNA library yielded 223-250 million 101-bp single-end reads (235M on average). Using Tophat and Cufflinks, 30,199~30,650 assembled transcripts were identified in 4 samples. Of them, 1340 ones were derived from intergenic regions including 278 long intergenic ncRNAs (LincRNAs). Comparing with the 6,480 lincRNAs we identified by analysis of 200 tiling array data sets, 2,708 lincRNAs were also detected by RNA-seq. Overall Design: Transcriptom profiling in roots, leaves, flowers and siliques.
Center Project: GSE38612: Identification of lincRNAs using RNA-seq in Arabidopsis
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