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Detection by Deep-Sequencing Transcriptome Analysis of Associations of Genotypic Variation in Maize (Zea mays L.) Ear Shoot Meristem mRNA Transcript Abundance with Genotypic Variation in Kernels per Row and Grain Yield in a Replicated Field Experiment

Identifiers: SRA: SRP003459
NCGR: NCGR_zircon
Study Type: 
Transcriptome Analysis
Abstract: A whole-genome deep-sequencing transcript abundance scan for genotypic and cis-/ trans-regulatory variation in gene expression in maize (Zea mays L.) ear shoot apical meristem was conducted on tissue sampled from a generation means experiment administered under field conditions Additive (cis-regulatory) variation was the most prevalent mode of genotypic variability observed. Highly significant genotypic variation in transcript expression was detected in over 25% of the 30,208 genes scanned. Of these, 3% were highly correlated with genotypic variation of kernels per row and grain weight per ear. Genes at the ramosa1 and ramosa2 loci, and a gene homologous to the ramosa3 locus, were conspicuous members of this set, substantiating that genotypic variation for lateral branch initiation in the ear shoot apical meristem is associated with variation of branching phenotype in the mature ear. A possible role of reactive oxygen signaling in lateral branch initiation is discussed.

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