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Solenopsis invicta genome sequencing project

Identifiers: SRA: SRP002592
BioProject: PRJNA49629
UNIL: Si_gn
Study Type: 
Whole Genome Sequencing
Abstract: A 454 shotgun sequencing library and an Illumina 330bp-insert paired-end library were built from the DNA of the single focal haploid male. These libraries made up 93.8% of our sequencing effort. The focal male had the Gp-9 B genotype. He was the son of a queen from a multiple-queen colony originally collected near Athens, Georgia, USA in 2008. Upon transfer of the colony to the laboratory, the queen had been isolated with workers for one year to ensure that all progeny in the colony were hers. To permit bridging of repeats that could be longer than the 454 read length, we additionally constructed 8kb and 20kb-insert paired-end 454 libraries for the remaining 6.2% of sequencing effort. The 8kb and 20kb libraries were respectively constructed from DNA pooled from ten and thirty-one brothers of the focal male, all having the Gp-9 B genotype.
Center Project: Solenopsis invicta

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