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Metagenomic Analysis of the Structure and Function of the Human Gut Microbiota in Crohn''s Disease

Identifiers: SRA: SRP002423
BioProject: PRJNA46321
dbGaP: phs000257
NIDDK: phs000257_56
Study Type: 
Abstract: This study aims to unravel the contribution of the bacteria that normally inhabit the human gastrointestinal tract to Crohn''s disease by using a multidisciplinary approach to study changes in the structure and function of gut microbial communities in three sets of patient cohorts who have Crohn''s disease. These results will be compared with those obtained from the study of healthy individuals and have the potential to identify new biomarkers of disease severity, location, and progression.
Center Project: human metagenome

The SRA runs have been pre-filtered by NCBI to remove contaminating human sequence.

These data are available through the dbGaP authorized access system.

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