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Human Microbiome Project (HMP) 16S rRNA Gene Diversity, the diversity of 16S ribosomal RNA genes in the human microbiome: 454 Clinical Production Phase I

Identifiers: SRA: SRP002395
BioProject: PRJNA48333
NCBI: phs000228_10
Study Type: 
Abstract: This HMP production phase represents pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA genes amplified from multiple body sites across hundreds of human subjects. There are two time points represented for a subset of these subjects. Using default protocol v4.2., data for the 16S window spanning V3-V5 was generated for all samples, with a second 16S window spanning V1-V3 generated for a majority of the samples. 16S rRNA sequencing is being used to characterize the complexity of microbial communities at individual body sites, and to determine whether there is a core microbiome at each site. Several body sites will be studied, including the gastrointestinal and female urogenital tracts, oral cavity, nasal and pharyngeal tract, and skin.
Center Project: Human Microbiome Project 16S rRNA 454 Clinical Production Phase I

The SRA runs have been pre-filtered by NCBI to remove contaminating human sequence.

These data are available through the dbGaP authorized access system.

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